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State Court Rulings & Legislation on Hypnosis
The information below is intended to give you some idea of the laws in various states and countries.  It is not intended to be definite, and we recommend you investigate further, before making any decisions.
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Interactive Map of The United States with Court Rulings and Legislation & Other Related Information
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) United Kingdom
Federal Court Rulings On Hypnosis - Various Issues
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Interactive Map of the Federal Circuits & the Supreme Court with Rulings
Federal Regulations & Information about Hypnosis
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Food and Drug Administration Compliance Policy Guides Manual: Sec. 335.300 Hypnotherapy   Devices - Self Hypnotic Tape Recordings (CPG 7124.25)
Hypnosis in Court
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Daubert, the Court, and Expert Witnesses
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Federal Rules of Evidence
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Federal Rules of Evidence & Hypnosis
bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Federal Court Adopts Legal Test for Therapeutic Hypnosis
Forensic Hypnosis